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Joined-up Data Standards

Joined-up Data Standards Navigator search and translate tool

The JUDS Navigator search and translate tool is an easy-to-use tool that helps data users to understand the relationships between different data standards.

The simple search allows you to find any instances of your search term or code (e.g. search ‘agriculture’ or ‘education’). By adding the advanced filters, you can then make a translation between specific data standards (e.g. find out how COFOG education fields map to CRS).

Use the tool below or download our FAQs for more information.

Simple Search

The standards we’ve mapped are grouped into projects. You can search them individually, or search the whole network. The project groupings are:

You can either search using a term, such as 'agriculture'...

...or you can search using a specific code, such as 1.1.1

Which project would you like to search?

Advanced filters

Add advanced filters to your search to drill down into the relationships between specific elements.

(1) Choose data standard you would like to translate from.

(2) Choose data standard you would like to translate to!

(3) What translation would you like to be returned?

You can also make translations like this from within your own spreadsheet using our Google Sheet Add-on